9 Easter Eggs In 'The Defenders' Episode 4 You Definitely Missed

by Ani Bundel

Every adaptation from Marvel, from their movies to their television shows, are rife with callbacks deliberately placed to tickle the fancies of fanboys and fangirls everywhere. The newest offering, Marvel's The Defenders is no exception. Let's run down all the Marvel easter eggs in The Defenders Episode 4 that you might have missed.

For me, the biggest easter egg in this is one that's been trailing us through the show since the beginning: Those primary colors that the characters were all lit in. I assume, once the characters came together, that the color scheme would be dropped, and everyone would step out of their little blue green red and yellow worlds into the silvery-white one Alexandra's been occupying. And that happened for a hot second at the end of episode 3. But come episode 4, we went right back to it.

Fascinating choice, that. It forces the characters to each be lit separately, even when they're in the same frame. Proof they haven't really gelled as a unit? Or a promise that even if they do unite, they'll stay true to themselves?

So where have you seen that image before? Or why *does* that line seem so familiar? Let's run down all the callbacks and Easter eggs tucked away in The Defenders' fourth episode of this inaugural season.

That Chinese Restaurant Sign


Four colors, together in one place. The moment this opening shot happened, I knew this is where all our heroes would get together. Not because reviews ahead of time said it would be in a Chinese restaurant, but because the sign had all four of their colors mixed together in a single creature. They are the Royal Dragon.

Stick's Story Of The Chaste


We've heard some of this already in Daredevil, but it was nice to have Stick arrive and expand upon it, including giving us the names of all five fingers of the Hand. Also good to see Matt really mad that he turned up and Stick reveal that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is technically retired.

Jessica Walking Out

"When Jessica Met Stick".... The moment that one handed old man told her to sit down and shut up, we knew she was outta there. A great clash of characters from two different shows who have no idea how to deal with each other.

The Names of Alexandra Reid


Audrey Thompson, Abigail King, Angelica Fletcher, Alberta Davis. None of those call back to anything in the Marvel comics I can find, but the changing of the last names suggests that Alexandra's last name of Reid isn't important. Only the A names are.

Matt Becoming Like Stick


He's starting to withhold information, even as he joins the team. He learned that from watching you, Dad.

Danny Indulging In His Privilege


After all the complaints about the character, I feel like the writers said "Screw it." Be who everyone says you are. Whip out the black card, and buy enough Chinese food that everyone will eat all night, and then pack those steamed dumplings away like the frattiest college kid there is. This was the most I enjoyed Danny since he was introduced, and I think allowing the character to lean in to that side of the character, instead of fighting it like his first season did, really helped.

Luke Cage & Danny Rand's Friendship

This is a nod back to the comics, where these two are fast friends. The show is taking it slow, but they're getting there.

Elektra's Weapons

She's starting to remember. Slowly, but surely. Jennifer Garner would be proud to see her with her proper swords.

Defenders Assemble

Ok, maybe it's not Avengers Assemble. But to save New York City? It'll do.