Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Dragonstone Map On ‘Game Of Thrones’


Game of Thrones got geographical with its Season 7 premiere. The first episode showed two of the most promising queens mapping out their plans for control of the kingdom. And I mean literally mapping them out.

The episode began with Cersei and her brother/lover/commander of her army, Jaime Lannister, planning out how to seize the rest of the kingdom now that they've captured King's Landing. And they do so on top of a huge map painted on their castle floor.


But Daenerys wasn't going to be out-mapped by Cersei. When she finally returned home to Dragonstone at the end of the episode, the Dragon Queen bypassed the throne and went straight to her own map.

Clearly, this means that she and her new right-hand man Tyrion Lannister won't be wasting any time in executing their plans to take down the Lannisters and secure the Iron Throne.


And of course, Twitter lit up with the reveal of Daenerys' war plans at long last, as well as the parallel maps both queens are using to plan their attack.

So, while there wasn't a ton of action in the Season 7 premiere (aside from Arya kicking ass and taking names in the opening, of course), these maps are clear signs to fans that the big war is indeed on its way very soon.

But first, Jon Snow has to have his little meet-up with Cersei that we learned about in the new episode, and Daenerys has to plan out her strategy with Tyrion. In a couple episodes though, expect all hell to break loose between Iron Throne frontrunners Cersei, Daenerys, and Jon (even though Jon doesn't have a map of his own yet).

We'll have to wait around until next week to hear what Cersei and Daenerys are actually using their maps to plan.