Daya Betty confronts Jorgeous in the 'Drag Race' Season 14, Episode 7 first act clip.

Daya Betty Is Pressed Over Jorgeous' Win In This Drag Race Video

"It was just fabric."


Untucked got very heated after the Glamazon Prime design challenge, and that confrontational energy peaks in the first look at Episode 7. While most of the queens congratulate Jorgeous on her big win, one of the contestants isn’t shy about making her opinions on the winning garment known. Check out this Drag Race Season 14, Episode 7 first look clip to see Daya Betty’s confusion over Jorgeous’ recent design challenge win.

It doesn’t take long for Daya to express her frustration once the queens return to the Werk Room after Maddy Morphosis’ elimination. She already let it be known that she was not happy being safe for her yellow and pink design in last week’s Untucked, and now she’s telling challenge winner Jorgeous exactly how she feels about the results. “Sorry to the girls who glued stuff to a bodysuit, but I feel like I did a lot compared to some other people,” Daya says, clearly shading Jorgeous. When pressed to name names, Daya doesn’t hold back: “I mean Jorgeous; it was just fabric,” she argues. “I created a garment from literally nothing, so I did think I was at least going to be in the top.”

Thankfully, the queens are quick to get over the tension the next day in the Werk Room. Ahead of their next challenge, Daya apologizes to Jorgeous for her bitter reaction, although not everyone in the room buys it. “This apology Daya is giving to Jorgeous is faker than my breastplate,” Jasmine Kennedie says in her confessional.

Although Daya is definitely hungrier for a win than ever, her blow-up may majorly affect her performance this week. RuPaul announces another acting challenge, in which the queens will spoof famous drag families in a soap opera parody. But the real kicker is that since Jorgeous won last week’s challenge, she gets to assign everyone’s roles for the sketch. Obviously, that’s not the best thing for Daya to hear, since there’s still some bad blood.

Find out how the fight affects this week’s challenge when Episode 7 of Drag Race Season 14 airs on Friday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.