In Episode 9 of 'All Stars 6,' the 'Drag Race' queens had to vote for shady superlatives.

The All Stars 6 Queens Reveal Who's The Shadiest In This New Video

Well, this definitely isn't RuPaul's Best Friend Race.


Class is in session on Drag Race this week, and although the Top 5 have mostly been supportive of one another on All Stars 6, Ru’s latest challenge instigates a shady turn of events. To help stir up a bit of drama, RuPaul tasks the remaining competitors to vote on senior superlatives, which only becomes shadier and shadier as the game goes on, culminating in the queens revealing who they think will be eliminated next. Want to get a first look at the action? Watch a sneak peek of Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 9 in the below clip.

There have barely been any mini challenges in this go-round of All Stars, but Ru introduces a fun new game for the Top 5 in Episode 9. After bidding farewell to Pandora Boxx, remaining contestants Ginger Minj, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Trinity K. Bonet, Eureka, and Kylie Sonique Love take their seats to vote in a variety of superlative categories. This challenge has never happened on Drag Race before, although it does function pretty similarly to Season 7’s DESPY Awards main challenge. The voting starts off harmless enough, with Kylie being voted the prettiest queen and Trinity being voted the moodiest. Of course, Ru also has to find out who the shadiest queen in the competition is, and the group unanimously chooses Eureka in that category.

The real shade comes in with the final question, though, as Ru asks the queens to reveal who is the most likely to go home next. Of course, this is an incredibly controversial question, especially since the track records are so close at this point. Eureka is the only contestant left without a win, but she’s also never been in the bottom, whereas Trinity has two wins but has also been in the bottom twice. Ginger, Kylie, and Ra’Jah have all also won challenges but been in the bottom as well, making the decision regarding who might be eliminated next really messy. The queens were split in their responses, with Ginger and Ra’Jah voting for Eureka while Kylie and Trinity both vote for Trinity (with Trinity admitting she doesn’t want to throw anyone else under the bus so she voted for herself). Interestingly, Eureka was the only queen to vote for Ra’Jah, which definitely looks like it will lead to some Werk Room drama.

After the mini challenge, RuPaul reveals the main challenge for this week, which is inspired by his WowPresents+ cartoon Drag Tots. The Top 5 will need to create their own Drag Tots character and bring her to life on the runway. Find out who rises to the challenge and who gets sent packing when Episode 9 of All Stars 6 streams on Paramount+ on Thursday, Aug. 12.