Trinity K. Bonet found out Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles will guest judge on 'Drag Race All Stars 6' Ep...

Watch Trinity K. Bonet Find Out Beyoncé's Mom Will Be On All Stars 6

She getting her whole life.


The “game within a game” on All Stars 6 may still be a mystery, but there’s one game that every Drag Race fan knows all too well. That’s right — it’s finally time for Snatch Game, the celebrity impersonation challenge responsible for some of the most memorable moments in Drag Race herstory. In a first-look clip of Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 8, Ru lets the queens know it’s Snatch Game time, but it’s the celebrity guest judge announcement that really has everyone gagging... especially one contestant in particular.

After the lipstick atomic bomb that dropped on the main stage last week, there isn’t much to unpack regarding votes at the start of Episode 8. So, after a mildly shady exchange between Pandora and Eureka, the queens wipe off Jan’s mirror message and prepare for Snatch Game. The real gag comes when Ru reveals who will be joining her on the judging panel this week: none other than Tina Knowles-Lawson. (That’s Beyoncé’s mom, y’all!) The announcement would be a huge deal for any group of queens, but it’s especially iconic this season, since Beyoncé impersonator extraordinaire and superfan Trinity K. Bonet is a contestant. I mean, Trinity just absolutely slayed the halftime headliners challenge a couple episodes ago by fully embodying Queen Bey on stage, so you know she’s living for this guest judge moment.

“I’m gagging! It’s one step closer to Beyoncé,” Trinity says after an excited freakout in her confessional. “That’s like meeting God, and Beyoncé’s Jesus.”

The clip doesn’t reveal who any of the queens will pick to portray for Snatch Game. Trinity didn’t really stand out in her Snatch Game episode on Season 6 when she portrayed Nicki Minaj, and choosing Beyoncé would be a big gamble... not just because her mom will be watching.


The show’s fandom has pointed out something of a Beyoncé curse when it comes to Snatch Game. Every queen who has impersonated Bey for Snatch Game wound up delivering an underwhelming performance that came close to sending them home. In Season 2, James Ross (formerly Tyra Sanchez) flatlined due to his overwhelming reverence for Bey, and on the complete other side of things, Kenya Michaels went way too zany with the pop star in Season 4’s Snatch Game. In Season 10, Asia O’Hara’s Beyoncé impersonation came off bizarrely cold as she aggressively played off The Vixen’s Blue Ivy.

If she does opt to portray her idol, it will either be a massive, curse-breaking triumph or another botched product of the curse.

Find out how Snatch Game goes this time around when Episode 8 of All Stars 6 drops on Thursday, Aug. 5, on Paramount+.