Doja Cat explored wanting a Chinese Crested Dog in candid Elle interview

Someone Please Let Doja Cat Get The "Really, Really Ugly Dog" She Wants

Unexpected breeds? Get into it (yuh).

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It’s no secret that Doja Cat has a soft spot for animals. She unintentionally had us swaying and moo’ing about being a cow nearly four years ago, and tapped into her villainous era as an alluring feline on “Rules.” Not to mention, her knack for sliding in an occasional cat-themed double entendre in a verse or two, such as her saucy flow on Ariana Grande’s “34+35” remix. Now, with the starlet’s quotes about Chinese Crested pups, could she be stepping into a new ballpark of hairless dog references? It’s not promised (or even a literal thing), but I can definitely see it.

For Elle’s 2022 June/July Women in Music issue, the pop star gushed about several topics, including wanting a dog. Specifically, stepping into her Olsen twins à la New York Minute bag and owning a Chinese Crested dog.

“I want a dog, too. It’s f*cked up that I don’t have a dog,” she said in the candid interview. “It’s not fair. I want to take care of a dog. I want to raise it and run around in the grass and touch it.”

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Often reigning champions in the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest,” according to TIME, these toy dogs boast an oddly unique look. However, once you get past the exterior, these pups are affectionate and tote a couch potato type personality, per DogTime. Most notably known for their completely hairless features, these pouncing creatures have little powder puffs of hair (or what Doja describes as “hairy boots”) on their head, tail, and feet. Some might flex a full coat, which sometimes drape over their eyes like a thinly trimmed bang.

While speaking about her dream dog, Doja Cat even threw in a playful shot at their appearance, saying: “They look like they’re 90 from age two weeks. They’re like old people.” Further on in the interview, she dropped another heap of gems concerning her career. With her creativity only coasting forward, she opened up about potentially releasing a “predominantly rap” album in the future, exploring the fashion world, and even taking a hiatus from the industry.

Unfortunately, that desire seemed to come quicker than expected, as she announced that she will cancel upcoming shows — including her supporting appearance on The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour due to a tonsil infection. In a brief tweet on May 20, the “Say So” emcee expressed that she would have to have “surgery on [her] tonsils ASAP” in order for the swelling process to properly recover, and that she “can’t wait to heal and get back to making music.”

With Doja in full rest mode, visualizing her dream dog making an eccentric debut on her TikTok wouldn’t be that outlandish. It’ll actually be on brand, seeing that she’s shown her short-haired cat Alex on social media. There’ll be nothing cooler than seeing her posts reflect her break, and completely turning into a timeline of her animals living their best life. Goodbye, Planet Her. Hello, Animal Planet.

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