Become Queen In The North With These Easy Sansa Stark Halloween Costume Ideas

by Ani Bundel

Halloween is coming! While some are choosing to spend this holiday dressing like their favorite superheroes, and others like the scariest character they can think of, those in the fan community take this as a time to dress like their favorite characters from hit shows. With Game of Thrones just past, now's the time to start working on your Westeros fashions to show off. And who is more of a fashion plate in Westeros than the Lady Of Winterfell? Here are some easy Sansa Stark costume ideas to help you run the Stark family this year.

Easy? What's so easy about Sansa? Yes, some of Sansa's outfits can be quite daunting at first glance. But if you look them over and break them down (and are willing to wear a wig) any Game of Thrones character can become a DIY project that will impress those around you.

And speaking of Sansa, half the battle is the hair. If you are a natural ginger, then by all means, use your own. But remember, Sophie Turner isn't a natural ginger either. Though she started out using her own natural (dyed) hair, the show has been supplementing with hair falls every since she reached King's Landing. This past year, all her looks were wigs. So really, if you're going to do Sansa, step one is buy a decent red wig that you can restyle as needed. They're $30 on Amazon.

Red Wig, $28, Amazon

Sansa Stark: Pilot Look


Once you have the hair, the outfits, especially in Season 1 are cake. In the pilot, (and the early episodes of Season 1) Sansa was styled in shades of light blue. Here we have a close up of both her high necked dress and her cloak, which is ice blue, with a small fur collar. The cloak is pretty easy, and underneath all you need is a plain blue dress of some sort.

Sansa Stark: Tourney Rose


Sansa's first fancy dress is simple, lavender with homemade looking roses at the collar. To make the fabric roses, check out this video. Just make sure it's a fabric that's similar to the dress, and pin them round the neckline. Also make sure and tell everyone how pretty Loras Tyrell is. Here's the hair tutorial.

Sansa Stark: King's Landing Prisoner


Fun fact -- the is the same dress Sansa wears to her father's execution. She has two versions of it that she swaps between in Season 2-- the blue and the pink, but both are basically the same silk bathrobe style cut, with a wide belt and a contrasting underskirt. This is also the point where she wears her hair in the "Southron" style roll: here's the tutorial.

Sansa Stark: Free Pawn On The Board


Once Sansa gets her engagement broken, she goes back to wearing Northern cut dresses, usually in the deep purple, and simple hair just pulled back. Long sleeves, long skirts, get a color close enough, and you'll be fine. If you want to go all out, the embroidery pattern to download to your sewing machine is here.

Sansa Stark Lannister


Sansa's first wedding dress. This is an ambitious choice, and one I support. We already linked to the hair roll video above, but if you want the full wedding version, it's here. This dress is gold with a big swirly print -- but as long as you find a gold dress that hits the floor, you're good. Add crisscross belting in a darker gold across the chest, and two metal hip guards, and viola!

Sansa Stark: Poisoner


This is literally the same dress as the blue and pink ones earlier, just in purple. The hair roll is the one from earlier, with a gold accent. Don't forget the necklace.

Sansa Stark: Goth Phase


This is Sansa's famous black gown from the end of Season 4. It's actually fairly simple. Any black goth gown with sleeves will do. The key is to add two shoulder pieces made of black wings, and tall black boots. Don't forget her necklace.

Sansa Stark Lannister Bolton


Sansa's second wedding gown is much closer to the wedding gowns we see today. If you can find something extra cheap at David's Bridal or even better, used on eBay, go for it, and then add fur on the shoulders. (A white Ikea fur rug should work fine.) Here's the updo tutorial for her hair.

Sansa Stark: Road Warrior


I know this one can be done, because one of my friends went in this outfit to comic con. The dress itself is just a long green velvet gown -- the only defining characteristic is the Stark wolf on the chest. That wolf is on a separate detachable collar, so just take a piece of fabric that matches the gown closely and stitch it on, or draw it on. (Here's a close up to work from.) The cloak is just long and black, with fur trim. One of her easiest hairstyles since she's on the road: a simple braid.

Sansa Stark, The Lady of Winterfell


Sansa's final outfit is one of my favs, because if you look closely at the small crisscross pattern on the skirt you'll realize it's the Bolton Flayed Man. (I KNOW!) But you don't really need to go for that level of detail. The is really just a long grey/black gown, a black cloak with fur trim, black gloves and that oh-so-important necklace. If you want to do her Season 7 hairstyle, here's the tutorial.

Now all you need is an executioner by your side, and you're set!