25 Of The Best DIY 'GOT' Costumes To Try This Halloween

by Ani Bundel

Summer is on the way back out. The white has been put away until Memorial Day, the Pumpkin Spice items are filling the shelves, and there's less than two months left to figure out what you're going to be for Halloween. Where does the time go? And which franchise should you pick for that all important costume you'll be wearing to the hottest party? Considering it was only the highest rated show ever on HBO and broke piracy records this summer, may we suggest a few ideas for DIY Game of Thrones halloween costumes?

Don't be frightened! Yes, Game of Thrones seems a bit daunting -- after all the costumes that Michele Clapton creates are sumptuous, looks that seems as if they are only achievable by professional Renn Faire goers and cosplay sewers. But we promise, there are tons of costumes for every level of do it yourselfer, from the extremely easy to the expert level.  And with so many characters dead from seasons past there's not even that many to choose from this season.

So let us sit down, take a look at a few Season 7 stills, and walk through 25 of the best DIY ideas for making a costume worthy of Westeros.


Bran Stark


A black robe, a faux fur rug, a wheelchair and repeating the words "Hi, I'm the Three-Eyed Raven" as if you expect everyone to know what that is.

Samwell Tarly


A brown robe, a sashcord tie, and a few chamberpots or books to carry. Bonus if you have a Gilly to ignore.



A ragged dress, a baby or a book, and make sure everyone ignores you when you say important things.

Jorah Mormont


You want to do the Greyscale version. Lots of grey makeup, no shirt, and a belt for your mouth. Ask about Daenerys to all you pass you.



The nicest bathrobe you can find and a goblet. Bonus if you shave bald.

Olenna Tyrell


As was proven at Dragoncon recently, this is all in the hat. Once you get the hat, everything else is just wrapping yourself in silky robes and chiffon headdresses. ("It Was Me" sign and sunglasses optional.)



A black cloak, a cut throat. Spend all night on your knees begging for mercy.


Cersei Lannister


Downgraded from Expert this year, Cersei is a long black dress and a 1960 blonde moptop wig, and a hand on your belly. Tiara not optional.

Jon Snow


Large cloak with fur trim is really the key here, especially if you can get your hands on a Longclaw replica, and have enough hair to manbun. Leather tunic underneath is totally optional.



An all brown outfit and a very large dragon killer prop. Drink a lot.

Jaime Lannister


The Lannister armor is not practical. Do his "He's Leaving Home" outfit from the finale. All brown, one hand dipped in gold makeup and a black cloak.

Euron/Theon/Yara Greyjoy


Theon and Euron are actually dressed very similarly, Euron just has a buzzcut and sexy black cloak added. Otherwise, dingy greys and sad eyes. For Yara, beat yourself up.



It's a long black dress, and natural curly hair. The hard part is the black harness, with a large silver round pin.  (White girls, I don't have to tell you not to do this one right? Good. Glad we had this chat.)

Grey Worm


Save yourself. Don't do the armor. Like Missandei, the key here is the black harness. The rest is a black tanktop with black skinny pants.


Daenerys Targaryen


Always the hardest, because she's all in the wig:


You get your hands on a high level wig that braids like that, the rest is black dress, with diagonal hem if you're really going for it, a chain, a red sash, and a few dragon props.

Arya Stark


Upgraded to Expert after years of rags. This is a long leather tunic, brown pants and that all important lace up shoulder cloak with the diagonal curved fur hem. You nail the cloak, you're golden.



Once again, this is labeled expert because of the wig. If you can nail that long red wig and not look like Medusa in The Inhumans, the rest is just a red cloak.

Tyrion Lannister


Best he's ever dressed, hardest year to pull off. You can always go all black and carry a door around to stand next to sadly though.

Davos Seaworth


There's no cloak to hide his long greenish leather tunic, so this one lands in expert by default. Don't forget to hold your left fingers half curled all night.

Sansa Stark


Like Daenerys and Melisandre, this is all in the hair, which upgraded to wigs this season:


The black dresses with the fur cloak and Dark Sansa necklace are easy in comparison.

Night King


Paint yourself blue and grey, glue horns to your head in a crown formation, wear all mesh armor, blue contacts, carry a dragon killing ice spear.

Anyone In Armor


Armor is really hard, don't kid yourself. The days where we could paint cardboard and call it good enough are long gone. If you're really determined to pull of Brienne of Tarth, or the Mountain or even Ed Sheeran's character, some tips:

  • Brienne is all silver, old school platelets
  • The Mountain must have that pointy helmet and grey make up underneath
  • Lannister armor for not-Jaime is easier, with the gold platelets and red cloaks. If you do Ed Sheeran, carry a guitar and run aware when people yell at you for sucking..


Sand Snakes


Bedraggled yellow bikini tops, skinny pants and torn silk bathrobes. Bonus if you bloody yourself up and play dead.

Night's Watch


Turns out they're black faux fur rugs from Ikea!

Anyone Above The Wall


This includes, but not limited to: Beric, Thoros, Hound, Gendry, Tormund, Meera, Benjen, Wildings of all sorts, and the Army of the Dead. It's just faux fur in patches from head to toe and don't wash your hair.

  • For Beric, add a sword with flames (construction paper flames!)
  • For Thoros, add a big old Snowbear wound
  • For the Hound, have a wight on your back
  • For Tormund, red beard and lust for Brienne to all that ask
  • For Gendry, run everywhere
  • For Meera, drag a sled behind you
  • For Benjen, do halfdead make up

And be sure to have fun and be safe this Halloween!