DIY Mare From Mare Of Easttown Halloween Costume Ideas

Philly accent not included.

by Ani Bundel

HBO shows have always provided fodder for Halloween costumes. Especially with the popularity of Game of Thrones in the last decade, going all out to dress up like the main characters in prestige cable series has become an October holiday staple. But with no fantasy series to inspire fans this past year (listen, The Nevers just didn’t cut it), dressing up like characters from your current favorite HBO series is surprisingly easy. These DIY Mare from Mare Of Easttown Halloween costume ideas are budget-friendly enough that anyone from Easttown could do them.

Unlike, say, Cersei Lannister, Mare has a down-to-earth look that anyone can pull off. She’s got a decent job, but she has to make that paycheck stretch since she’s supporting her mother, her teenage daughter, and her grandson all under one roof. Her ex-husband helps out, as does her cousin over at the church. But it’s pretty safe to say that Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) is the kind of gal who shopped at Khols when she was looking for nice stuff, but with her busy lifestyle, she probably got most of her everyday clothes via Amazon Prime.

She’s also someone who dresses comfortably, even when she is dressing up for court or for church, because she’s a grandmother. After a certain age, it’s just not worth the effort when you’d rather be comfortable. (TBH, I think this should be true for any age.)

So, let’s run down the staples of a Mare wardrobe.

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Gap Jeans

Mare is a girl who grew up in the 1990s. The Uggs-and-leggings look of the aughts didn’t hit until she was out of the fashion game, and she never really took to them anyway. She comes from a time when jeans were your uniform, and she’s stuck to it to keep comfortable even when she’s got her detective hat on.

Grey T-Shirt

Washed-to-death T-shirts are also the exact sort of thing Mare wears daily. They’re the kind of shirts you almost don’t remember buying; they’re just kind of there in the drawers. Perhaps they were once Siobhan’s or Kevin’s, or her ex-husband Fred’s. They’re a little baggy, and little stretched in the neck, and totally comfortable.

Camo Green Utility Jacket

Mare likes pockets, but women’s jeans just don’t have enough of ‘em. That’s why. unless it’s the height of summer, Mare usually sports a military-esque anorak jacket in the olive green color that recalls a camo look or a uniform. That's because it is part of her uniform, the hard shell that says she’s all business.

Cowl Scarf

Like her anorak, Mare isn’t fussy about her neckwarmer either. She doesn’t do a long, wrap-around scarf that dangles or features embellishments. She sticks to a nice knit cowl she can throw on over her head and walk out the door. This one from Etsy is precisely her style.

Black Coat

Mare sticks to the lighter-weight camo jacket when the weather is warmer, but when the nights turn cold, she’s always bundled up in a thick down coat. It’s not an expensive piece, but it’s a good, sturdy coat for wearing when you’re looking for evidence in the woods or chasing down leads door to door.

Sensible Boots

Mare is all about affordable, sensible, and comfortable fashion, and these boots are a perfect option. They’re warm, they’re waterproof, they’re zip-up, and they’re inexpensive to buy on Amazon.

A Mare Wig

Mare’s hair is not glam. It’s medium length and messily pulled back in a bun because it’s grown too long for her to do anything else with. You know precisely how long it’s grown because the roots go down practically to her ears. If your roots are already long, just put your hair in a bun and call it a day. But if you’d rather wig it up (Winslet did!), don’t go for anything too nice or expensive.

A Wawa Coffee

Wawa: coffee of champions, and far less messy to carry around as a prop than a cheesesteak.

Mare of Easttown Season 1 is streaming on HBO Max.