Clue About Littlefinger's Death On 'Game Of Thrones' Was In Front Of Us The Entire Time

Game of Thrones fans finally got to say goodbye to one of the most hated characters in Westeros during Sunday night's Season 7 finale, but if you were paying attention throughout the season, you might have known the shocking death scene was coming. Thanks to one viewer who noticed an annoying background noise that seemed to be prevalent during some key scenes in Season 7, now we can all look back and pick up on this cool little piece of foreshadowing. Did you notice this clue about Littlefinger's death in the episodes leading up to the finale?

One Redditor shared that his or her girlfriend actually picked up on the little detail about Littlefinger's scenes because it annoyed her so much. In each of his scenes in Season 7, viewers can hear ravens or crows squawking in the background. The noise stuck out to this one viewer because it irritated her, but eventually, it led her to perfectly predict Littlefinger's downfall. The crows and ravens were always present around Littlefinger because Bran Stark was warging into them to keep a close eye on Littlefinger's actions. In the end, Bran helps strengthen his sisters' case against Littlefinger by revealing he's been witness to all his nefarious deeds. This revelation allows Sansa to sentence Littlefinger to death, and Arya to slit his throat.


One of the cool things about Game of Thrones is that fans will discover these hidden bits of foreshadowing or hinting when looking back at the episodes prior to a major event. If you're curious for yourself, go back and check out all the scenes of Littlefinger in Winterfell after Bran Stark returns home in Episode 3 of the latest season, and you'll notice there's always a crow or raven either present or one that can be heard. While it was mainly Sansa and Arya that took down Littlefinger at his own game, it's clear that Bran had his hand in the master manipulator's downfall as well.