B*tch Stole My Look: Designers Say Miley Cyrus' VMA Outfits Were Copied

On Monday, following Miley Cyrus' parade of outrageous VMA looks, Australian clothing brand DI$COUNT UNIVER$E accused the award show host of ripping off its brand's identity.

The company's pieces, which Cyrus wore in past performances, share much in common with the outfits the singer wore throughout the ceremony on Sunday.

Evil eyes, cartoonish mouths, bright colors, sequins and sparkles are standout features on DU's designs...

...and the designs Cyrus and her stylist, Simone Harouche, worked up with designer BCalla for the 22-year-old host and her crew of 31 drag queen backup dancers.

Cami James and Nadia Napreychikov, the designers behind the Melbourne brand, released a statement on DU's Instagram expressing their disappointment in the alleged theft, as well as gratitude for fans' support.

Harouche responded to the allegations, defending BCalla's work, but James and Napreychikov quickly followed up with a second Instagram address.

The DU designers called Harouche's statements “#VICTIMBLAMING at its finest” and made it clear they would continue to defend their brand.

Past designs of BCalla, predating the VMA scandal, feature bright colors and crazy faces.

The call on whether the designs of Cyrus' outfits were direct thefts or merely overlaps in the different designers' commonalities is a close one.

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