Demi Lovato Dressed Up As A Literal 'Trap Queen' And It Was Incredible (Photos)

Fetty Wap made headlines this summer when he released his hit song "Trap Queen."

I'm sure most of us sing the lyrics and clap our hands along to the tune without really thinking about the song's meaning.

Recently, however, Fetty Wap revealed "Trap Queen" is meant to be about a girlfriend cooking crack.

Well, in the spirit of Halloween, Demi Lovato decided to base one of her costumes off the song. Just wait, though. It's not what you think.

Check out her version of what a "Trap Queen" really is in the images below.

As you can see, Demi's interpretation took things quite literally. She dressed as a queen covered in hunting contraptions. Killing it, girl.

She was seen rocking this look in New York last night as she left MTV Studios.

Demi, this is why we love you. We can't wait to see what other clever costumes you come up with this Hallo-week.

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