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On June 10, Demi Lovato released a music video for their single "Skin Of My Teeth," from their upcom...

Demi’s “Skin of My Teeth” MV Has A Major “Don’t Forget” Easter Egg

The rain. The guitar. The pop-punk.

Island Records

Holy Fvck, this new era is going to be a rockin’ one. On June 10, Demi Lovato (who uses they/them and she/her pronouns) released an electric music video for their new single, “Skin of My Teeth.” The trippy MV is an absolute banger, and fans can’t get enough of it.

Island Records

This punk-rock anthem will debut on their upcoming album Holy Fvck. So, dear besties, if you ever catch me levitating after falling under Vecna’s curse, blast “Skin of My Teeth” into my headphones quickly. This is not a drill.