'The Defenders' Ended With A Huge Cliffhanger And We Need To Know What Happens


You didn't think The Defenders was gunna just wrap everything up in a nice, clean finale, did you? Of course not — this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all. True to form, Marvel gave fans a nail-biter of a finale, ending in a major cliffhanger where the fate of one major character remains in question. Spoiler alert: Obviously, don't read on if you haven't finished The Defenders yet, unless you just don't care about being spoiled. If you have finished the new Marvel series, then the major question on your mind must be: Is Elektra dead after The Defenders? Daredevil's complicated love interest surprisingly became the main villain of the new series, but it appears that she may have met her end in the finale.

Of course, if Elektra did die, it wouldn't be the first time. The second season of Daredevil also ended with Elektra dying, having been killed by a Hand ninja protecting Daredevil. But that death didn't stick — The Hand brought Elektra back to life at the beginning of The Defenders and warped her memories to make her into Black Sky, a weapon for the side of evil. Throughout the new series, Elektra fought against the Defenders, until finally regaining some of her memories and taking over control of The Hand herself.

In the finale, a massive battle comes down to just Elektra and Daredevil facing off against one another in an ancient, subterranean cave as the building above it is about to explode and kill them both. As the cave begins to collapse on them, the two former lovers embrace in a kiss.


Presumably, both Elektra and Daredevil died in that cave-in, but in the very last shot of the season, we see Matt Murdock awaken in a bed, being cared for by nuns. Somehow, he managed to survive (which actually isn't a huge surprise since his standalone series Daredevil has been renewed for a third season). But we get no confirmation on Elektra's fate. It's hard to imagine anyone surviving a massive skyscraper exploding on top of a miles-deep hole in the ground, but hey — Daredevil did, so why not Elektra? I have a feeling we'll be getting our answer in the upcoming season of Daredevil, which is slated to premiere sometime next year.