Dean May Have Posted A Huge 'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoiler On Instagram

by Billy Lorusso

There aren't many things I love more than watching groups of gorgeous Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects vie for love on Bachelor in Paradise, but I'll be the first to say that a good old-fashioned spoiler is, indeed, one of them. That being said, my favorite hunk of all time, and one of the bachelors heading to paradise this season, Dean, may have just posted the mother of all spoilers to his Instagram page. The picture was uploaded late on Sunday evening and features Dean and Kristina on Bachelor In Paradise hanging out with the world's greatest bartender/therapist, Jorge. While the picture might be innocent enough, it might also hint at a legit romance between Dean and Kristina, which would be enough to put me right over the top.

Dean and Kristina have been rumored to be dating for quite some time now, so this picture certainly isn't shocking; it's still exciting, nonetheless, to see our Bachelor in Paradise dreams might already be coming true. Before we get too excited, though, let's not pretend that ABC and the Bachelor franchise aren't bonafide marketing geniuses; this could very well be an orchestrated publicity stunt on their parts to get fans excited for the Season 4 premiere, but it could also be an accidental slip-up on the part of Dean, which means a Kristean (I AM COINING THIS RIGHT HERE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE) romance might just be coming to a television near you very soon.

As you can see, the picture is adorable (TBH if this is true, they should really consider a save the date card with Jorge because he's the star of this pic) and, after seeing it, I low-key seriously ship these two, so I really hope this is true and not just a ruse.

One way or the other we'll be finding out soon enough, and one thing is for sure either way: I'll be mad I'm not dating Dean.