This Insane 'Dark Knight' Fan Theory Plots The Joker As The Real Hero

Rewatch “The Dark Knight” with the understanding the Joker was actually the hero of the film, and your mind will explode like Rachel Dawes' body (too soon?).

"Batman" fans, aka all of us, go into movies assuming the Dark Knight of Gotham is the good guy. We are predisposed to believing he stands for justice, and his presence in Gotham is the only thing holding the city together.

But, what if that assumption was wrong? What if we're only watching the modern "Batman" cinematic universe under the pretense Batman is the good guy because that's all we've ever known?

Redditor generalzee posits a pretty compelling argument for the Joker actually being the real hero of the story.


I'm going to be honest, this makes a lot of sense -- like a weird and annoying amount of sense.

A “Bat-State” is not a sustainable reality for Gotham, and now, I'll never be able to sleep again.

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