2 Dancers Got Engaged On 'DWTS' Last Night And The Audience Melted


What better time to propose to your girlfriend than during your nationally televised reality show, am I right?

That's what Sasha Farber from "Dancing with the Stars" was thinking, anyhow.

During Tuesday night's results episode, professional dancers Sasha Farber and Emma Slater did their whole dancing together thing, as per usual.

But when the song ended and the performance stopped, something not so usual happened: Sasha got down on one knee and proposed to Emma.

First, host Tom Bergeron set the moment up for Sasha, like a true bro.


Before handing the microphone over to Sasha, Tom said to the couple,

First of all, you guys have great chemistry. And Sasha, I've always thought you had the potential to actually host so I'm going to give the show over to you.

What a wingman.

Then, you know, came the proposal part.


Sasha took Emma's hands — and Emma seemed to realize what was happening, based on her look of shock -- and said,

Baby, I've wanted to do this for such a long time. I love you so, so much. Will you marry me?

Obviously, Emma said "yes!" (Do I need to remind you guys about the cameras and the whole national TV thing? Of course she said "yes!")

After she answered, confetti rained down from the ceiling and that "Just the Way You Are" song by Bruno Mars began to play.


The tech team also put together some nice "She said YES!" graphics that projected on the screen behind the newly engaged couple.


All of this makes me wonder, what would have happened if Emma had said "no"?

Did the tech team have a "She said NO!" graphic prepared as well?

Would "Leave" by JoJo have started playing instead of Bruno?

Would fake rain drops fall from the ceiling?

Really makes you think.

Anyway, congrats to Sasha and Emma!

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