Dan Levy as David Rose eating brunch in 'Schitt's Creek'

Dan Levy Is Hosting A New Cooking Competition All About Brunch

Yum, David!

by Ani Bundel
Pop TV

Dan Levy became a household name in the U.S. due to the success of Schitt’s Creek, but he was already a local fixture on Canadian televisions long before that. After launching his career as an MTV Canada VJ, Levy landed a spot on The Great Canadian Baking Show, proving his prowess as a cooking competition series host. Now, Levy is returning to those roots to create and host HBO Max’s The Big Brunch, a brand-new reality show coming to streaming.

Since the launch of HBO Max in 2020, the WarnerMedia streaming giant has been in a race with Netflix to become the cord cutter’s TV substitution of choice. HBO provided the prestige dramas and documentaries, and Warner Bros. Pictures carried most of the movie library. That meant the streaming service’s next stop was to bring aboard British imports, from Doctor Who to It’s A Sin. HBO Max also landed The Great Pottery Throwdown, one of the two official GBBO spinoffs from original producer Love Productions.

But what the streaming service currently lacks is a hit cooking show. Though Selena + Chef has done decently, there’s no real reality cooking competition that has caught the public’s attention like GBBO on HBO Max as yet. The Big Brunch looks like it could fill that void.

The Big Brunch Competition Details

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Like GBBO, Levy’s new series will focus on those who have not yet made it in the industry, although it’s notable that instead of “amateurs,” the press release announcing the series refers to them as “still undiscovered culinary voices.” Instead of specific types of cuisine, like baked goods or barbecue, this competition focuses on “what it means to dine between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.”

HBO Max has only noted the prize will be “life-altering,” with no details as to what that means yet.

The Big Brunch Cast

With the series only just announced, Dan Levy is the only talent currently attached as host. It is unclear if the series will follow the GBBO format with dual hosts or be closer to its Pottery Throwdown format with just one. No judges have been revealed either.

As for contestants, the series is currently casting.

The Big Brunch Trailer

As the series does not yet have judges or a set crop of contestants, there’s no trailer yet. Fans will hopefully see one in 2022.

The Big Brunch Release Date

There is no confirmed release date for The Big Brunch, but with most cooking competitions arriving in late summer and early fall on other streaming services, it seems a good bet the new series will arrive in the second half of 2022.