These Dads Had The Best Responses When Asked To Name Their Favorite Kardashian

Tyler Gildin

Dads are the best.

They have the best puns, the best novelty neckties and, most importantly, the best hot takes on the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Frankly, with all this constant talk about the Kardashians, the "dad perspective" is outrageously underrepresented.

Think about it, most dads have seen Kim and company rise from the very beginning, through the eyes of someone who's only very vaguely paying attention. That's like, the perfect perspective on this family.

We here at Elite Daily love our dads. And, as many of you well know, we also love the Kardashians.

So, in honor of Father's Day, I asked my co-workers and friends to get that coveted "dad take" by texting their fathers and asking them a simple question: Who is your favorite Kardashian?

Their answers were... enlightening.

1. Some of our dads were just plain confused.

Talia Koren

2. And many dads had no opinion at all...

3. ...or none they were willing to share.

Kelli Boyle

4. Quite a few weren't very happy with the question, no matter how much we buttered them up.

Alexa Mellardo

5. This dad, in typical dad fashion, was immediately concerned about his daughter's priorities.

Marissa Sklar

6. While this dad did not hesitate to share his true feelings.

Taylor Ortega

7. Some dads had clearly thought about the Kardashian question before and were more than prepared with an answer.

Emily Heger

8. Others took a little more persuading .

Kaitlyn Cawley

9. Some took their time to really think about it. It's a pretty serious matter, after all.

Leah Degrazia

10. Khloé Kardashian was definitely a crowd favorite among the fathers.

Celine Rahman

11. She's really got the dad demographic on lock.

Tina Kolokathis

12. Even if they don't all know her name.

Steph Ironson

13. Rob Kardashian was also a popular dad pick.

Nancilee Rifenburgh

14. Though not always for the same reasons.

Sepp Dasbach

15. A few dads were loyal to their fellow parents...

Katie Corvino

16. ...even if their spelling was a bit off.

Alexandra Svokos

17. One dad was SO loyal he didn't dare stray from his own wife.

Rob Anthony

18. And then, of course, there are the dads who love Kim K.

Tiffany Do

19. They have their reasons.

Alexia LaFata

Happy Father's Day, dads! Thanks for letting us annoy you with the Kardashians for your special day.