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A Couple Got Engaged In Monica's Apartment At This Epic 'Friends' Festival

I love the fact we live in a world where a "Friends" festival is a thing.

Comedy Central's FriendsFest, "the ultimate 'Friends' celebration," has made its way to the UK and, as suspected, fans of the iconic '90s sitcom got really into it -- especially one couple, Krunal Desai and Radha Patel.

This fanatic duo was so into Friendsfest they got engaged right in Monica's apartment during the festival. They had been dating for 11 years and love watching "Friends" together; it's the ultimate love story.

Take serious note, all boyfriends of girlfriends who love this show. (Looking at you, boyfriend!)

Radha told FriendsFest,

When I first saw the apartment I actually thought that this would be the perfect place to be proposed to. Nothing could top this proposal, it was awesome. As Phoebe would say, he's my lobster!

I recently rewatched the episode where Chandler and Monica got engaged and teared up like it was my job. Seriously. That scene gave me (and so many "Friends" fans) all of the feels.

So, you can imagine what it was like for this couple to relive that special proposal IRL (but without all the candles).

After the proposal, Krunal told Hello,

We both absolutely love 'Friends,' and Radha can't go to sleep without watching the show. We even had a short break in our relationship, leading people to call us the real life Ross and Rachel.

Classic Krunal and Radha.

Hopefully, their wedding won't be full of '90s sitcom shenanigans.

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