Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Made A Trump Joke And Twitter Is Roasting Her


Corinne from "The Bachelor" is a lot of things.

She's a Juicy J music video star, cheese pasta aficionado, casual business owner, rose eater, all-star napper and former commercial co-star of Vinny from "Jersey Shore."

And, as we learned on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor," she pays at least minimal attention to the news and politics.

Monday night's episode had some major tension going on between Corinne and Taylor.

The women fought over -- what else, on a show like "The Bachelor?" -- intelligence. Taylor argued Corinne didn't have the emotional intelligence or whatever to be with a man who chose to be on "The Bachelor."

Corinne was not going to let that get her down. She knows that she has "intelligency," so Taylor can just shut up about it, OK?

Corinne got herself ready for her date with Nick with some classic self-pep talk -- except that her pep talk happened to include a reference to President Donald Trump.

And that's when all hell broke lose on the internet.

Corinne actually, for real, used the phrase,

Make America Corinne Again.

In a week that's seen Trump's policies cause a lot of chaos and hurt a lot of people around the world, that reference was just about the last thing viewers wanted to see in their escape from reality via reality TV.

Everyone on Twitter basically lost their shit.


But it wasn't like a fun losing of the shit, it was like a, "oh no, please, don't do this."


There was both physical and emotional distress from the poor, dragged-back-to-reality, "Bachelor" fanbase. There were cries of horror and disgust.


Corinne's other odd phrasings and antics may get laughs, but this one just got a gigantic groan from all across social media.


And it even turned off a few Corinne fans.


Come up with a less painful catchphrase, Corinne. Please, we beg you!

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