'Bachelor' Contestent Corinne To Ellen DeGeneres: 'I'm Funny'


Everyone's favorite "Bachelor" contestant, Corinne Olympios, joined the set of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday to talk all things "The Bachelor," including Nick Viall, Nanny Raquel and being drunk on TV.

Ellen took no time getting into it with Corinne, and she asked the 25-year-old if the woman we see on television every Monday night is in fact the "real" Corinne.


In response to DeGeneres' question, Corinne said,

I mean, as Ellen pointed out during her interview segment, we've certainly seen quite a bit of Corinne Olympios already, right?

Watching the above clip, I can't help but feel Ellen DeGeneres was a little mean to Corinne.

At one point, DeGeneres asked "The Bachelor" contestant if she considered herself "crazy," to which the 25-year-old replied,

Corinne, you had Nick lick whipped cream off your boobs, and then you straddled him in an inflatable bouncy castle.

In response to that statement, Ellen asked if Corinne was "drunk," to which Olympios answered,

Uh, Corinne, I'm totally not here to judge, but there's a pretty fine line between being drunk and blacking out.


Finally, Ellen DeGeneres asked the one question on every "Bachelor" fan's mind:

Speaking on the now-famous Raquel, Corinne said,

Damn. Maybe it's time to stop making fun of Corinne for having a nanny.

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