Alison Oliver in Hulu's adaptation of Sally Rooney's 'Conversations With Friends'

The Conversations With Friends Soundtrack Is Perfect For Your Sad Girl Summer

Or whenever you're feeling extra moody.


In Hulu’s Conversations With Friends, music plays an integral role in bringing Sally Rooney’s book to life. As the show follows four characters, Nick, Melissa, Bobbi, and Frances, through their messy relationships with one another, the full Conversations With Friends soundtrack is there to tell the sonic story. The songs include classics, new bops, and covers, which parallel their highs and lows, including club bops when Frances is feeling good and happy in her relationships, and sad songs when she feels crushed.

Unlike Rooney’s first Hulu adaptation, Normal People, which stuck solely to tearjerkers and piano ballads, Conversations blends melodrama with pop. Frances and Bobbi, ex-lovers and current best friends, go out to dance multiple times in the series introducing high energy songs that balance the more classic Bon Iver energy of the rest of the soundtrack. Music even plays a factor in Frances’ affair with Nick — in Episode 8, Nick sends Frances a song that reminds him of her, which is basically the 21st century version of a love letter.

The show got an impressive roster of musicians involved: Phoebe Bridgers wrote a song specifically for the series, a James Blake cover of a Joy Division song pops up in the middle of the season, and there’s even a shining moment for the TikTok megahit “Meet Me at Our Spot.”

Because many of the songs are new or covers, they can be hard to find on Spotify or other music streaming services. So if you’re looking for that one song you loved but you can’t quite locate it, you’ve come to the right place.


Conversations with Friends Episode 1 Soundtrack

  • “I Don’t Really Care for You” by CMAT
  • “Let It All Go” by The Sei
  • “Used” by Wyvern Lingo

Conversations with Friends Episode 2 Soundtrack

  • “Run the Track” by Cosha
  • “Want to Keep” by ELIZZA
  • “Wavey” by Cliq ft. Alika
  • “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch

Conversations with Friends Episode 3 Soundtrack

  • “Jaloux de tout” by Benjamin Biolay
  • “Nod” by Julianna Barwick Feat. Nosaj Thing
  • “Michelangelo” by Cassandra Jenkins

Conversations with Friends Episode 4 Soundtrack

  • “When You Were Mine” by Joy Crookes
  • “Meet Me At Our Spot” by THE ANXIETY, WILLOW & Tyler Cole

Conversations with Friends Episode 5 Soundtrack

  • “Nod” by Julianna Barwick Feat. Nosaj Thing
  • “Atmosphere” by James Blake

Conversations with Friends Episode 6 Soundtrack

  • “Uncatena” by Sylvan Esso
  • “it would feel like this” by girl in red
  • “Dreaming” by Maria Somerville

Conversations with Friends Episode 7 Soundtrack

  • “First Love/Late Spring” by Mitski
  • “Salt Licorice (with Robyn) [Thomas Gold Remix]” by Jónsi
  • “The Slow Drug” by PJ Harvey
  • “Here” by Shiv

Conversations with Friends Episode 8 Soundtrack

  • “Aye (Boku Remix)” by Tolü Makay
  • “Peach, Plum, Pear” by Joanna Newsom
  • “Peach, Plum, Pear (cover)” by The McTague Twins
  • “Flight” by Michiru Aoyama

Conversations with Friends Episode 9 Soundtrack

  • “More Than This” by Roxy Music

Conversations with Friends Episode 10 Soundtrack

  • “Cornflake Girl (Reworked Greatest Hits Version)” by Tori Amos
  • “Just a Girl” by Wyvern Lingo Feat. Loah

Conversations with Friends Episode 11 Soundtrack

  • “Up De Flats” by Gemma Dunleavy
  • “1000 Beasts” by NYCBB feat. Célia Tiab
  • “Change” by TSHA feat. Gabrielle Aplin
  • “Warm” by Charli XCX feat. Haim
  • “Killer + the Sound” by Phoebe Bridgers and Noah and Abby Gundersen

Conversations with Friends Episode 12 Soundtrack

  • “Painter (Valentine)” by Låpsley
  • “Lost with You” by Patrick Watson
  • “Sidelines” by Phoebe Bridgers

All episodes of Conversations with Friends are streaming on Hulu now.