Hillary Clinton Made Fun Of Donald Trump And It Was The Best Thing Ever

Hillary Clinton taking a few jabs at Donald Trump on late-night TV was the best way to cap off a GOP debate night.

On Wednesday, hopeful Republican presidential nominees and the guy who is married to Melania Trump got on a stage in front of a randomly placed airplane to debate political issues in front of potential voters and the hottest man of all time.

While pundits spent most of the night arguing over who they thought did the best and Democratic nomination hopefuls -- COUGH, just Bernie Sanders, COUGH -- tweeted how they were disgusted by some of the answers their rivals gave, Hillary Clinton had another idea of how to stick it to one nominee, whose name I promised myself I would only mention once in this article (If we all stop saying his name maybe he’ll go away?).

Admittedly, Jimmy Fallon doing an impression of the former United States Football League team owner is low-hanging fruit on pop culture’s shortest tree, but it was really nice to see Hillary keeping up with Fallon and poking fun at Ivanka Trump’s father in the process.

This isn't the first time Clinton took a jab at Marla Maples' ex-husband, by the way.

Who else is up for a Fiorina-Clinton presidential final?! (Final? Is it called “the final”? I don’t know how this works.)