Ciara Gave Someone A Lap Dance While Her BF, Russell Wilson, Watched (Video)

by Julian Sonny

Russell Wilson is an extremely blessed man to be dating Ciara.

He's also an extremely sick man since they allegedly decided to practice abstinence up until marriage, or some sh*t.

Still, he supports Ciara throughout his busy schedule and hers. In fact, he hits up every show he can and sits right up on stage.

This must've hurt Russell to witness live and in person.

You can't see his face, but he's definitely sick.

Russell Wilson Watched Ciara Give a Lap Dance http://t.co/pI1QMbXkMf pic.twitter.com/C1eLB4Z1Lf — Terez Owens (@TerezOwens) August 31, 2015

Ciara is a great live performer, and she always dedicates a part of her shows to torturing some lucky dude with a wild lap dance.

Russell knows it's just a part of her job, and he can have peace of mind that none of them will hit. But hopefully, one day, he does.

Any dude who can keep it cool while watching his girl do this is strong.

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