Ciara And Russell Wilson Just Flooded Instagram With Amazing Wedding Photos


So Ciara and Russell Wilson finally had sex after abstaining from intercourse until marriage. We can all sleep peacefully now. Well, not just yet. Have you seen the newlywed couple's amazing wedding photos?

Ciara and Russell took to Instagram and released a series of breathtaking photos that will make you either want to settle down or block them out of jealously. Regardless, they're pretty amazing.

Well, well, well. If it isn't the world's favorite newlywed couple, Ciara and Russell Wilson.

The couple just went on an Instagram spree by uploading their amazing wedding photos.

Photographer Dennis Leupold snapped the photos. Let's just say, when we all eventually get married, this is how we want moments from our special day to be captured.


What else would you expect from a couple who has a photographer with them at lunch?

Hm, let's just say, these are the LAST photos Future would ever want to see.