Chrissy Teigen Went On A Twitter Rant About Pie, And It Was Perfect

by Taylor Ortega

If I could elect Chrissy Teigen to the Senate, I would.

She represents ~the people~ better than any politician. She understands our desires, our struggles and our food issues. She openly shares the details of her life to better bond with the public, and we gladly accept her offerings.

Most recently, the "Lip Sync Battle" star went on a detailed pie rant, and -- speaking honestly from the perspective of a devoted CT Twitter follower -- every moment was like looking in a goddamn mirror.


She sets the scene with a little exposition.

Uh oh! Inciting incident!

The night chugs along with some rising action.


Falling action: The supermodel eats the cake anyway.

Resolution? Tweet the pie rant in its entirety so anyone else experiencing similar adversity will know there are others out there surviving disappointment and thriving in spite of it.

Once again, we the people thank you, Chrissy Teigen, for being raw and real and eating the damn cake.