Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Show Baby Luna In More Adorable Photos


I'm going to going on record saying that if there is one baby I'm consistently jealous of it's Luna Legend.

Before you get super weird about me being jealous of a baby, just hear me out.

Look at this family she gets to hang out with all the damn time! The Legend-Teigens are the number one easiest-going family in the country and arguably the eighth hottest -- falling right above the Beckhams and right below the Obamas. With all those beautiful sights just walking around the house, it's like that baby's eyes are always on a gorgeous scenic vacation!

OK, OK, OK, OK, I get it. That last sentiment was kind of weird. The concept of a 26-year-old man being jealous of vacation baby eyes is super creepy, but look at these family photos posted by Chrissy Teigen's mom on Instagram.

Vacation baby eyes, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

Even the houses that baby gets to be in are fantastic. This is the most aesthetically open room I've ever seen.

Goddamn this couple is too perfect.

F*ck. I wanna be this baby sooooo bad.

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