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Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Favorite Thing John Legend Cooks For Her


This past month, Chrissy Teigen launched her first cookbook called "Cravings."

Last week on her Instagram, Chrissy shared a little piece of her promo video for the book. She also held a book signing in Los Angeles.


In a recent interview with Elle, Chrissy gave the inside scoop on her new book, her favorite snacks and best recipes.

Chrissy said she actually included a few of of John Legend's recipes in the book. When asked about which recipe is her favorite, Chrissy shared,

She's, like, SUPER into the fried chicken. She said she asks for it a few times a year, especially for big events like the Super Bowl or whenever she has people over.

She added,

Once you ask Chrissy about her favorite foods, this girl can go on for hours. She also mentioned she's a big fan of John's steak marinade.

She explained,

Yum, sounds delicious.

It sounds like Chrissy isn't the only chef in the family. Now that Chrissy is pregnant and ready to POP, I'm sure she can use an extra hand in the kitchen.

Be sure to check out Chrissy and John's favorite recipes in "Cravings," and get cookin'!

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