Chris Pine Improvised This Adorable Scene In ‘Wonder Woman’ And We’re Obsessed


There's this ongoing debate right now about which A-list actor named Chris is the best Chris.

Some people advocate for Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pratt, but anyone who saw the energizing, brilliant, and badass Wonder Woman knows the truth: Chris Pine is number one.

It's largely thanks to Pine and Gal Gadot that the DC Extended Universe actually got some laughs rather than the serious, dark and gritty fare viewers have come to expect in recent years. In fact, fans can thank Chris Pine for one of the funniest scenes in Wonder Woman, which he improvised himself.


According to the movie's director Patty Jenkins, some of the funniest parts of that scene where Steve Trevor (Pine) and Diana (Gadot) are leaving Themyscira for London on a small boat came straight from Chris Pine's head.

Jenkins revealed on Reddit Steve's riff not being an "average" man when talking about sex with Diana was improv from Pine.


As a reminder, the scene Jenkins is referring to happens towards the beginning of the movie after Steve and Diana first decide to team up and set off to end World War I together. While sailing to London, Steve and Diana lay next to one another as he tries to explain the intricacies of the human world to her.

When Diana asks if Steve is an average man (since she's never met another man before), he gets a bit flustered and hilariously admits he's probably above average. I mean, it is Chris Pine — he's just being honest.


Patty Jenkins also let fans know there was a good deal of improvising when making the movie, although this boat scene with Chris Pine is the only specific she pointed out.

And Gal Gadot clearly added her fair share of comedy and fun into the movie as well. I mean, the absolute, sheer disgust in her face when she finds out Steve lied to his military bosses alone is worth the price of admission:

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.