REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Chris Hemsworth Reading Rihanna's 'Work' Lyrics Is The Hottest Thing Ever

As Ellen DeGeneres has taught us time and time again, anything the Hemsworth brothers do will make anyone and everyone happy -- especially if they do it shirtless.

Unfortunately, Chris Hemsworth is not shirtless in this video, but the clip will bring you so much joy, he might as well be.

In the video, Hemsworth does a dramatic reading of the lyrics to Rihanna's "Work" during an interview for BBC Radio 1, and it's glorious. I could listen to his deep voice and Australian accent literally all day. Like, I didn't think it was possible, but this is way better than Rihanna's version.

Also, did anyone know those were the lyrics?! My mind is BLOWN. Thanks, Chris, you've really shed a new light on this song for me.

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