Uh Oh: It Looks Like Chris Brown Isn't Allowed To Leave The Philippines

Chris Brown can't leave the Philippines because he allegedly didn't perform at a scheduled concert in the country last New Year's Eve.

Today, the singer attempted to fly his private jet to Hong Kong, however, the Philippines Department of Justice placed an order on Tuesday forbidding his departure after performing in Manila that night.

Promoters issued the complaint because they claim Brown owes them money for not showing up to last year's appearance.

John Michael Pio Roda, Brown's promoter, is also stuck in the country. But, both men are seeking clearance certificates from the Philippines' Department of Justice that could allow them to leave.

Brown is scheduled to perform in Hong Kong, Cyprus and Indonesia.

So far, he already announced his concert in Jakarta will have to be rescheduled.

#TeamBreezyJakarta due to safety concerns my show on July 25th will be rescheduled! Let's keep spreading love around the world! #Pray4Peace — Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) July 22, 2015

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