James Corden Rode To Work With Viral Chewbacca Mom And It'll Make Your Day


Chewbacca Mom, aka Candace Payne, is probably the purest, happiest viral sensation I've ever seen in my life.

Meanwhile, James Corden is the purest, happiest late-night host around, so it shouldn't be surprising this sketch he did with Candace is joy in its purest form.

First, James, as usual, needs a ride to work (that man should probably get a chauffeur one of these days.) Candace is distracted by her awesome Chewbacca mask, and James is starting to lose his patience.

Then "Star Wars" director JJ Abrams shows up with some director's notes on Candace's mask technique and convinces James to join the Chewbacca party. The laughter that ensues can probably cure cancer, somehow, if we figure out how to harness its healing powers.

Afterward, Candace sat down for a chat with James, which was equally as joyful.

The behind-the-scenes footage of Candace finding out JJ Abrams would be in the sketch is the most adorable thing, as is her reaction to a letter and present from Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca actor.

I'm bookmarking all of these videos for bad days. There's no way to watch any of these without feeling happy.

Thank you for this joy, Chewbacca Mom.