People Can't Get Enough Of This Woman Trying On Her New Chewbacca Mask


Be true to yourself. That's what I learned from this lady unboxing a Chewbacca mask.

Joy. A simple feeling that most people spend their lives chasing. It's different for everyone and often manifests itself in ways we would have never expected. A rogue bunny in a playground. A fall breeze. Watching some skateboard dude fall in a hilarious Vine.

Joy comes to us when we least expect it and leaves when we most need it. Maybe that's the point of joy? To help us appreciate the good times and reflect on the bad. To give us an emotional barometer that helps us become rounded individuals.

Anyway, this lady bought a Chewbacca mask, and it made her happy as f*ck.

Her name is Candace Payne, and I've never wanted to be anyone more in my entire life. That moment in front of the camera shows her experiencing joy that was probably only matched by people who were there when America found out we won World War II.

The Internet rightfully can't get enough of Candace and her journey into being a Chewbacca mask owner.

Be real, it made your month.

It's like video drugs.

ONLY SIX?!?!? Please, you've JUST begun having this video be part of your life.

The sad irony of life.

Go out and find your own personal metaphorical Chewbacca mask. Unless for you, that is an actual Chewbacca mask, in which case you can probably just go to Target and buy one.

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