Netflix's 'Cheer' is going on tour and here's how to see the competitive 'Cheer' teams live.

Cheer Just Announced Its First Tour, So You Can See The Navarro Team Live

This is way better than just watching on Netflix.

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The routines we have come to see on Netflix’s Cheer, which highlights the rigorous sport of cheerleading, might be coming to a city near you. On Jan. 28, it was announced that the Emmy Award-winning docuseries will be going on tour. Titled the Cheer Live Tour 2022, fan favorites from Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College will hit the mat to perform never-before-seen stunts in a 38-date journey across North America. Here’s everything to know about the Cheer Live 2022 Tour.

Unlike the show, where cheer teams compete in front of judges and are scored and timed, Cheer Live will produce a new kind of premiere athletic event that will feel more like a live concert.

The much-hyped Season 2 of Cheer dropped on Netflix on Jan. 12 and kicked off showing viewers how the team is handling their newfound stardom. Season 2 takes things to a new level when the nine-episode season dives into Navarro’s cheer rival, Trinity Valley Community College. As both teams aim for the 2021 championship, the season expands well beyond cheer practice and into the lives of its team members and coaches.

Now, the fun is moving off-screen and onto the road. Here’s how to see Cheer Live on tour!

Cheer Live Tickets

Although the tour doesn’t officially start until June 1, tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, Feb. 4 at 10 a.m. PT on or you can view the tickets on the Cheer Live Tour website.

The tour is sponsored by Rebel Athletic and will be offering presale tickets from Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. PT until 10 a.m. PT on Thursday, Feb. 3.

Fans also have the option to purchase VIP tickets that offer a slew of cool perks:

  • Full Out - Front Row Package: The most immersive VIP pass allows ticket holders to reserve a front-row seat, snag a group pic, and chose between a TikTok or selfie with the cast. You’ll also receive an invite to a Q&A with the cast and a tour laminate.
  • All-Star Package Plus+: All-Star Plus ticket holders will also be able to snag a reserved seat between rows 2-10 and grab a group photo with the Cheer Live cast. The Plus package includes an exclusive tour demo, a Q&A with the cast and Tour VIP laminate, and crowd-free merch shopping.
  • All-Star Package: The regular All-Star package is similar to the Plus package, the only difference is that these ticket holders will be seated between rows 11-20.
  • Top of the Pyramid Package: These ticket holders will be able to reserve a seat in rows 16-25 and snag a Cheer Tour VIP laminate.

Cheer Live 2022 Cities

Cheer Live will begin its 38-date journey on June 1 in San Diego, California, and will make stops in Nevada and Arizona before making four stops throughout the state of Texas — where the show takes place in Corsicana, Texas.

The breakthrough tour will come to an end on July 17 in Raleigh, North Carolina. For the full tour list, check out the official website.

Fans can join the teams’ journey by following the Cheer Live Tour on Instagram. The profile was created on Jan. 28 and the bio reads, “It doesn’t have to end at Daytona,” which is a nod towards Season 2’s journey as both Navarro and Trinity college prepare for the 2021 championship in Daytona.

Cheer Live Cast

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According to the official press release, the Cheer Live tour is not affiliated with Netflix. So when it comes to the cast, the tour will feature fan favorites from both rival teams of Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College. Its inception was created by Navarro’s head coach Monica Aldama and assistant coach Andy Cosferent.

Official posters for the tour hint that fans will be treated with a special appearance from Aldama. Additionally, Cheer stars like Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer will perform alongside Maddy Brum, Angel Rice, Dee Joseph, James Thomas, Jeron Hazelwood, Gillian Rupert, and Cassadee Dunlap — to name a few.

“I’m so excited to cheer again and to have the feeling of performing and going on tour,” Simianer said in a press release. “We are all coming together without the competitions and pressure — It’s going to be so fun! I want all of the cheerleaders to see this and think, that can be me one day.”

Season 2 of Cheer is now streaming on Netflix.