Charlie Sheen Is Reportedly Set To Announce He Is HIV-Positive

It is being reported Charlie Sheen will be going on “Today” to announce he is HIV-positive.

Sheen has reportedly known his health status for the past year and is currently in treatment for the virus.

TMZ is reporting Sheen is only now talking about the disease because of the threat of lawsuits from women whom he had been intimate with in the past. Several people whom he confided in also reportedly leaked the news.

The 50-year-old actor allegedly settled several of the lawsuits out of court for unspecified amounts of money in exchange for them signing confidentiality agreements.

Publicist and Hollywood “crisis manager” Howard Bragman told PEOPLE he was approached half a year ago and told about the not-super-surprising news, but he never actually spoke to Sheen directly.

Bragman told reporters,

The interview could open up a lot of sympathy for him, but he has to be concerned about a fear of litigation from former sexual partners. You don't take that lightly.

He later said,

I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it's used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone.

We will update as more information comes in.

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