This Is The Character You Need To Watch Out For While Watching 'The Defenders'

by Ani Bundel

One of the more fun parts of Marvel's The Defenders is the chance to see not only the four superheroes come together but to also watch the different parts of their world collide. Some of the characters already have, and one of them is going to be majorly important, as the hand reveal themselves and we learn more about Madam Gao on The Defenders.

While some characters have already crossed over (Claire Temple), most have not, and I think everyone is looking forward to such fun times as Matt Murdock facing Jeri Hogarth in a courtroom, while Detective Missy is simply trying to get her charges to stick to the bad guy. But while those are fun fantasies to think about, we know that the Hand is going to be the major big bad all four of our heroes will find themselves facing.

This is basically bringing in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to a fight that Daredevil and Iron Fist are already facing, but as we've been promised that the Hand are planning to start a war some time soon, it's a pretty good bet that when they do all four of our semi-powered New York heroes will be needed.


Madam Gao has been one of the most fun of the bad guys we've met so far on any of the shows. (At least those who survived. One could make arguments for Kilgrave and Cottonmouth, but they're deceased.) Madam Gao, however, is not so easy to take down. Even though Daredevil put a stop to her heroin business in his first season, and then Danny Rand did the same in his first season, she just keeping getting back up again.

And who can forget how utterly terrified of her Wilson Fisk was, when she turned up for tea? Of course he was, unlike him, she is one of the legendary "Five Fingers of the Hand." She's been alive so long, she remembers the 17th century like it was yesterday. And she's also shown herself to at least have partial Telekinesis, when she threw Danny Rand into a wall with a flick of her fingers from across the room.


What more will we learn about Madam Gao in The Defenders? We can't wait to find out.