Channing Tatum Goes To Harvard Now, Proves Some People Really Do Have It All

Uhhhhh, that's DOCTOR Channing Tatum to you.

JK, Channing isn't a doctor. He DID however start taking classes at Harvard Business School, which essentially makes him a doctor, right?

I have zero idea how this works. I assume everyone on Harvard's campus is a doctor no matter if he or she is in a PhD program or not -- or even enrolled in classes there.

According to a post on Harvard's Facebook page, Tatum is currently enrolled in some kind of "Executive Education" course at Harvard this month with fellow classmates Pau Gasol, Chris Paul and LL Cool J.

Yeah, THAT Harvard, unless there is some sort of lesser Harvard like Harvard Tech or Harvard State that I don't know about.

He reportedly started attending classes on Thursday with Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse, who chairs the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports executive education program.

Wait, LL Cool J's real name is Todd Smith?!?!

“Magic Mike” screenwriter Reid Carolin was also in attendance for this modern-day "School of Athens."

The course description of the class they're taking at Harvard actually does sound insanely awesome, by the way. The website states,

In the business of entertainment, digital technologies are dramatically disrupting the way products are developed, marketed and distributed. As a result of this paradigm shift, entertainment executives and content producers are challenged to effectively allocate limited resources — both human and financial -- across a seemingly infinite array of fragmented channels in order to survive. With an increasing number of musicians, athletes, stars and authors promoting their brands via a wide range of online and offline channels, intermediaries must reinvent their strategies to compete effectively. This innovative new program provides proven approaches for marketing creative products and portfolios, managing and marketing talent, determining when to make smaller versus blockbuster bets,and identifying and capitalizing on market disruptions.

Channing reportedly even led a discussion on how he thought dance movies impact Hollywood.

This tweet is pretty much the one question we're all really wondering about, though.


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