Chad Johnson Went On An Epic Rant About Why He Should Be The Next 'Bachelor'


Chad Johnson from “The Bachelorette” might be a sociopath.

To give him his own show and unleash him on 25 gorgeous, hopeful, unsuspecting women looking for love would be a crime on par with that whole Juan Pablo season of “The Bachelor.”

And yet…

If we're being honest with ourselves (which we rarely are, because it'd force us to admit some harsh truths about our haircuts/ partners/ families/ shoes/ careers/ dietary habits), we'd all agree a full season of Chad eating ham with his hands would be 7,000 times more entertaining than .4 seconds of Robby meandering around the "Bachelor" mansion in a suit, gazing into everyone's eyes and whispering his hopes for the future.

Chad agrees.

Following "The Bachelorette” finale, Chad used the “After the Final Rose” special to toss his hat into the ring as the potential next Bachelor.

He argued,

There's probably a lot of people out there that think I'm a bad guy because of the way that I was on the show… When they watch 'Bachelor in Paradise,' it'll probably only be amplified… I made some mistakes… I've been through a lot this last year, I lost my mom. One of the things they didn't show on the show is I'm also a Marine. I think that a lot to of people, they deserve love. I think I deserve love. So I think maybe I deserve to be the next Bachelor.

Ugh, just let him have it. Everyone deserves love and ratings.

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