This Theory Says Cersei Has Another Son On 'GOT' & It Will Blow Your Mind

by Ani Bundel

Gendry's only been back for all of a minute on Game of Thrones and already the internet is trying to figure out new and hilarious theories about his life. Now that he's returned, everyone's started to try and change his story, especially with the hope that we can somehow make him the legit heir to House Baratheon. To do that, he would have to not be a bastard, which leads to the question: Is Cersei Gendry's mother on Game of Thrones?

Was it not enough that the poor man was assumed to have rowed a boat from Dragonstone to King's Landing (which is a hop, skip, and jump of a sail) for three years? Especially when logic dictated that Davos was right when he told the boy to go back to Flea Bottom and Gendry was hiding in plain sight the whole time? Now we have to make the worst mother in Westeros his mother, instead of the probably very nice and kindly prostitute with a heart of gold that she was?

How on earth could Cersei be Gendry's mother anyway? She only had three children, all with Jaime. Robert meanwhile sired tons of bastards.

The fan theory goes a little like this:

Way back in Season 1, in the second episode, Cersei and Catelyn have a small moment of heart to heart chat, where Cersei reveals that she and Robert did, in fact, have a child together -- one who died in the cradle. (If you think this somehow ruins Maggy The Frog's prophecy, you'd be wrong. In medieval times, a baby that dies in the cradle is basically treated like it did not survive, to begin with.)

But Cersei actually having tried and failed with Robert, and giving their relationship that much more pathos, isn't okay for some people. Oh no. Instead, they've decided Cersei must have never tried, and was always evil, even though we know the only thing that humanizes her is the children she's borne. They're saying the baby didn't die. Cersei hated Robert so much, she gave the baby away. A thing we should note that Cersei would never do, ever.

This baby, they insist grew up to be Gendry. After all, Gendry says his mother was blonde.

But that's not the *point* of Gendry's mother being blonde. The point is that Robert had a child with another blonde haired woman and his genes dominated, which suggests very probably that the blonde children Cersei had aren't his. (Especially when you add in that Cersei's one baby with Robert that died had his coloring, not hers.)

Look, there's no need for us to say such terrible things about Gendry. His mother doesn't have to be the Mad Queen of King's Landing in order for him to be the heir to Storm's End. Dany can just naturalize him in exchange for the Baratheons backing her claim to the Iron Throne.

Let Cersei and her sad history with Robert be just that, a tragic thing ruined by her pride and his pigheadedness. Her pride pushing her into needing to be first in a man's heart or not at all. His pigheadedness in never letting Lyanna Stark go, a woman who never even loved him in the first place, to make room for Cersei, a woman who might have.