Zendaya Defends Fan Who Was Body-Shamed By Giving Her A Modeling Contract


Zendaya's response to a beautiful woman being bullied on Twitter?

Hook that babe up with a modeling deal!

Over the weekend, the 20-year-old actor and clothing line owner stumbled across a cruel, fat-phobic meme from Twitter user @StarpowerXCV, who has since deleted the original tweet.

The user posted two photos of the same woman and said she was not to be "trusted" because she wasn't skinny.


The user wrote,

Never trust a top half posting ass female lmfao.

To which Zendaya replied,

Stumbling across this is stupid shit, she is fine as hell head to toe and garunteed does't know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen.

Then Zendaya — bless her — really put the hater to shame by finding the woman in the pictures and offering her a modeling job with Daya by Zendaya.


It's Twitter user @_illestCee, and you should all follow her for being so damn cool.

And as it turns out, being a model was a life long dream of hers.


She wrote,

im really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal

And THAT'S how you combat fat-phobia and body-shaming, ladies and gentlemen — by celebrating and elevating beautiful, curvy women.

Because Zendaya is right — that woman is gorgeous, and definitely does not care about whatever dumb men on Twitter have to say about her body.

And she ESPECIALLY doesn't care now, considering she's about to start a modeling deal with a big name Hollywood actress.

I'm guessing Twitter user @StarpowerXCV is feeling pretty damn foolish right about now.

So, be careful who you harass online boys, because you might end up jump-starting your victim's career!

Actually, can one of y'all harass me on this post so I can send it to Z? I could really use the extra cash right now.

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