Zayn Malik Gave Himself Cornrows, And People Are Seriously Pissed Off

by Tim McGovern

Are you sitting down? Yeah, you should probably find yourself a chair or a sturdy bench and sit down before you view this image of Zayn Malik. It's... well, troubling, to say the least.

Brace yourselves. Here's a photo from Gigi Hadid's Instagram Story of Zayn Malik wearing (I can't believe I'm writing this) cornrows.


First question: Why?

Second question: See the first question above. But this time, ask again louder.

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with Zayn's new 'do and rightfully so.

Many have argued cornrows are an appropriation of African-American culture and when white people "borrow" this look, they forget and seem to glaze over the harsher reality of racial inequality.

For one Twitter user, this was a turning point in their opinion of Zayn. Tyra is me. Zayn is Tiffany Richardson.

I'm calling it. This day is officially over in my opinion. Wake me up when it's 12:00am of the following day. *Takes a bunch of NyQuil*

It looks like I'm not the only one questioning why Zayn would do this. I'm at a loss.

Out of all the hairstyles to choose, Zayn chose cornrows?!

Also, side note: I almost wrote "hairstyles" as "Harry Styles" and thought to myself, "How is this not Harry's nickname yet?"

Where is the nearest exit? Because I'm fucking leaving. Seriously, Zayn's cornrows are such BS.

Same, @blackpinkt. Same.

zayn got cornrows? pic.twitter.com/yVJGOM3BfO — bea (@blacpinkt) March 8, 2017

One Twitter user believes his choice of cornrows is pretty indefensible. Sorry, "stans," but it really is an "ugly" look on him.

However, some have called into question whether or not this hairstyle is cornrows or French braids.

One thing's for sure.

If those are indeed cornrows, Zayn should probably say goodbye to them as soon as possible... as fast as Gigi said goodbye to Paris in her Instagram Story.

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