Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Psycho Killers Will Ruin Your Childhood (Photos)

Talented artist Dan LuVisi takes joy in ruining your childhood by reimagining our favorite cartoons as monsters, psycho killers and really handsome spaceship commanders.

He's even said, "Your childhoods belong to me now." Dun dun dun....

Not only does LuVisi create these disturbingly beautiful images, but he also imagines entire story lines for them. To read why Kermit the Frog killed Kevin and how in the hell Tigger landed himself in jail, check out LuVisi's blog.

Here are some of his incredible drawings below, but scroll at your own risk!

Donald the Razor Tooth Duck

Goofy ain't so Goofy

The Muppet Death Show

Don't mess with Eva

Mickey the Psycho Mouse

Tigger pulled the trigger

Kermit the Murdering Frog

Wreck Sh*t Ralph

"I think Lilo's dead" - Stitch

The Cookie Monster

It's "Adventure Time" for Jake the Snake

Yoshi, no longer Mario's little pet

Monsters Incarcerated

Bert and Ernie take out Sesame Street

Bonus: Buzz Can Light My Year

Grand Theft Otto

Homer Pulls a Heist

Lenny and Carl the Crooks

Photos Courtesy: Facebook