Yolanda Hadid Cheers On Balla And Gigi At VS Fashion Show

Bella and Gigi Hadid may be all grown up and modeling in Paris at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but that doesn't mean they don't need the support of their mom.

Yep, you better believe Yolanda Hadid was sitting front row center at the 2016 VS Fashion Show, which aired on CBS on Monday night, cheering on her two baby girls, Bella and Gigi.


During the opening of the show, while the models were walking out to Lady Gaga serenading them with "Million Reasons," a song off her latest album, we got a glimpse of the proud mother in the audience.

The 52-year-old blew kisses for her girls from her front row seat.

With two gorgeous supermodel daughters on stage in their sexy lingerie, it was kind of hard not to be reminded of another mom who cheered on her daughter for dancing in her underwear.

I think you know what iconic mom I'm referring to.

C'mon! No shade to Yols, but it's too perfect of a comparison.

I mean, isn't this scene in "Mean Girls" basically the high school VS Fashion Show, just with, like, a little more festive holiday spirit?

The similarities definitely did not escape Twitter's notice, so everyone was making the same joke.

But hey, Yolanda's girls are raking in the cash for her, so why not celebrate?

In fact, all the Hadid women made out pretty well at this fashion show.

Bella, for instance, got to be serenaded by her ex-boyfriend while she strutted around him in sexy lingerie, looking like she couldn't care less.


Like, honestly, Bella Hadid just achieved every #breakupgoal conceivable here. Respect.

Again, this hardcore slayage was noted and appreciated by the viewers at home on Twitter.

Damn. Ladies, take note of this kind of petty, please.

This is the way you curve a man who dumps you — on national TV, in Victoria's Secret underwear, while he serenades you.

Great night for the Hadid ladies, indeed!