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Who Is Stephen Colbert's Wife? 7 Things To Know About Evelyn McGee-Colbert

With all this talk about Stephen Colbert hosting the 2017 Emmy Awards, it's easy to forget about his commendable late night program, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, his political prowess, and his great sense of humor. And what about the woman behind the man? Or the woman in front of the man? Who really knows where she stands in the relationship? Regardless, Colbert's wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, definitely plays a major part in his rise to success. So, who is Stephen Colbert's wife? 

Evelyn McGee-Colbert has a very interesting life that's worth knowing about, but what's even more exciting is her romantic past with Stephen Colbert. If Colbert and his wife weren't cute enough in photos, just wait until you hear about their enchanting love story. Stephen Colbert knew Evelyn McGee-Colbert was “the one.” Yes, it's true. He first saw her in a theater lobby, and said to himself, “Her. That's your wife. You're going to marry her.” Aww. How sweet is that? When you know, you just know. Their romance is one for the ages, and we all should be taking notes. So, let's get to know the other half of this dynamic duo.

1. Evelyn McGee-Colbert grew up in South Carolina, very close to her future husband, Stephen Colbert.

Yes, that's where it all began. Although the pair grew up in the same area, they didn't meet until 1990. Eventually, Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee met at the "Spoleto Festival" and fell in love.

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2. She and Colbert live in Montclair, New Jersey, with their three children.

The pair chose to remain outside of the bustling cities of LA and NYC, all for their three adorable children, Madeline, Peter, and John.

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3. McGee-Colbert acted in the film Strangers with Candy in 1999, playing "Chuck's Mom."

That's right. She's not just a stay-at-home-mom. She's doing her thing on camera, just like Stephen. She even played a small part in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Random, I know. Fun fact: Stephen played "Chuck" in Strangers with Candy, and he's obsessed with The Hobbit. Did she do it all for him?! OMG, they're cute.

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4. They've been married since 1993.

That's a long-ass time. Get it, you two.

5. They went on Oprah, and it was beautiful.

She even said she doesn't like "the other guy," in regard to her husband's "Stephen Colbert" character. She tells it like it is.

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6. When her husband first saw her, he told himself, “you will kick yourself for the rest of your life if you do not turn around and say hello to her.”

Man, oh man. This is just too sweet.

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7. At the Met Gala in 2017, McGee gushed about Stephen, saying, "he taught me the importance of being silly."

She also called him "sexy." So, they're officially the dream team.

Stephen, good luck hosting the 2017 Emmy Awards, and be good to your wonderful wife. She's a total catch.