Why Wasn't Selena Gomez At The Billboard Music Awards?

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Maybe Selena Gomez just wanted to spend her Sunday evening in bed.

The "Bad Liar" singer has some serious stay-at-home vibes in her new music video, which is rumored to be a song written about her beau, The Weeknd.

She is also noticeably absent from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

Selena was nominated for Top Social artist, alongside her ex Justin Bieber.

Last week, Selena sparked controversy for seemingly wearing a hospital bracelet and having wrist bandages in her "Bad Liar" teaser photos from photographer, Petra Collins.

Some fans thought this was a nod to her recent "13 Reasons Why" suicide awareness activism, but Collins was quick to correct any fans jumping to conclusions.



Selena has been vocal about her battle with Lupus, often discussing her need to take breaks out of her heavy and demanding work schedule.

So, while we definitely miss Selena at this year's BBMAs, we understand the need to have a little R&R.

The Weeknd has been busy promoting his latest single, "Lust For Life," with Lana Del Rey. Though Lana and The Weeknd appear cozy in a series of promo pics, there's no doubt Selena is well-seasoned on how to keep her cool. I mean, the woman did date Justin Bieber, after all.

Though Selena and The Weeknd's romance seemed to appear out of nowhere, they are already one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. Selena's mom even approves. After the Met Gala, Selena's mother couldn't help but share her excitement and happiness for her daughter's new romance.

She wrote, "Mama is happy" on one of The Weeknd's Met Gala Instagram posts of Selena.

So while we're not exactly sure where Selena is tonight, we're betting her and The Weeknd are taking the time to get themselves together before heavy promo for "Bad Liar" and "Lust For Life" kicks into gear.

I'm sure when you're a celeb, it's nice to skip the awards shows every once in a while and just hang out and relax in bed a la Chrissy Teigen style.