Victoria's Secret Models Made A Music Video To Bruno Mars

Victoria's Secret on YouTube

You need this music video of Victoria's Secret models dancing and lip syncing to "24k Magic" in your life.

On Monday night, the entire world will once again sit in front of their TVs to watch the world's most popular models walk down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway wearing little pieces of cloth and a whole bunch of shiny rocks.

They'll also be wearing massive angel wings and have The Weeknd serenading them while they're trying to focus on not falling.


In preparation for this year's show, a few of the Victoria's Secret Angels and models got together and filmed a music video cover of Bruno Mars' "24k Magic."

No offense Bruno, but as much as your video was kinda cool I'd much rather watch this lip sync your song...


...than this.


This should be the standard way music videos are released nowadays.

The artist and record company should get together and make their own music videos, release them and then have Victoria's Secret models lip sync their own versions.

At the very least, this gives the world options. At the very most, it helps unify people who like different genres of music.

I hate country music but you bet your diamond-encrusted Fantasy Bra if country music videos had Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima lip syncing to the song, I would move to Nashville TOMORROW.

And it works for literally any music video. Think of any video you've ever watched. I guarantee it'd be a lot better if it was a bunch of models lip syncing to that song while jumping on a beach somewhere.

"Bye Bye Bye"? Better with models. "Jesus Take The Wheel"? Better with models. "Stan" by Eminem? Better with models... as long as the models don't get driven off a bridge at the end of the video.

How do we make this a reality? I'll pay millions.