The VS Angels Take Less Time To Get Ready Than You Do On A Friday Night


In order to make the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show the sexiest night on television, a lot of work has to happen behind the scenes.

This year's event takes place in Paris, France, so the Angels headed to the beautiful Grand Palais to prepare for their big night.


Considering the day is spent doing photo shoots and press, how long does it actually take a Victoria's Secret model to get ready for the show?

If my job required me to walk down a runway wearing nothing but underwear and a bra, I would spend the entire day getting my hair and makeup done.

I mean, on a Friday night, it can sometimes take me hours to get ready. You've gotta do your nails, curl your hair and apply enough makeup to hide your flaws.

It's an entire process, OK? Give us girls some slack.

Well, Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Victoria's Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes about how long it took her to get fully dolled up for the fashion show.

Katie Corvino

Jasmine was chosen to model the 3 million dollar Fantasy Bra this year, so considering all eyes are on her, you'd think the girl spent the entire morning in front of the mirror.

When asked how long it took her to get completely ready for the show, Jasmine told us,

This morning probably like an hour and a half. It's very beautiful, glamorous makeup, nice hair, big waves... very Victoria's Secret.

AN HOUR AND A HALF? That's how long it takes me to just pluck my eyebrows. I guess that's what happens when you have natural beauty!! (FML.)

Jasmine Tookes also discussed the insane process that went into creating the bra. She explained,

I actually had this plaster made of the upper half of my body, so it actually fits really snug on me. It is a little heavy, though. It weighs more than 450 carats.

With a 27,000 Swarovski crystal bead set, the Fantasy Bra certainly lives up to its reputation.

It's by far sexier (and prettier) than any piece of lingerie I'll ever own, but I also buy most of my bras from Target.

Katie Corvino

Thanks for chatting, Jasmine!

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