Vanessa Hudgens Explains How She Dropped 10 Lbs In A Month And Still Ate Bacon


Everyone's always talking about how ripped Zac Efron has gotten, but I think we're all forgetting his "High School Musical" co-star is insanely in-shape as well!

In case you haven't noticed, Vanessa Hudgens is shredded. Like... ridiculously shredded.

Don't believe me? Check out this picture of her abs from a few weeks ago.

YEAH, like I was saying: shredded.

And because the universe is supremely unfair, she got that ripped by eating a ton of bacon and avocados! Well, I mean, she also worked out a ton, but still!

Vanessa Hudgens revealed the diet and fitness secrets she used to lose 10 pounds in just a month in the new issue of Women's Health.

Back in 2013, the actress gained 20 pounds to play a pregnant, homeless teenager in the movie "Gimme Shelter," and she said she lost the weight without giving up bacon by cutting carbs and getting into spinning.

But although she got rid of carbs, Vanessa sang the praises of foods with high fats. She eats an avocado every day, and has bacon and eggs for breakfast and salmon or steak for dinner.

She explained,

I need high fats. If I'm not getting enough, my body holds on to calories. We've been trained to think that fats are bad, but they're so good -- a source of energy and sustenance that keeps you going through the day. That's the only way I can not eat carbs.

Vanessa also makes sure to have one cheat day a week so the diet doesn't become monotonous, and said she and her sister are planning to go out for some ramen.

Honestly, most celebrity diets sound insane, but I think even I could get on board with a diet that includes avocados, steak, bacon and weekly ramen breaks!

Of course, the real hard work comes in the gym, but Vanessa's found a way to make even working out seem fun.

She squeezes in a SoulCycle class whenever she can, and said she loves to take any group fitness classes, since her competitiveness motivates her.

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