This Is The Best Kardashian Christmas Card

Let's finally settle which year had the best Kardashian Krismas Kard.

There are a ton of perks that come with being part of the Kardashian's inner-circle.

You get invited to events, you get to keep all the free stuff they don't want and, honestly, I'm sure there are times when people just straight-up give you food or money.

You think Jonathan Cheban ever pays for froyo? No! He walks in, gets as many toppings as he wants and then shows a recent text convo he had with Kim before walking out -- all without taking out his wallet.

The biggest perk to being in the Kardashi-verse, though, is you get to receive the annual Kardashian family Christmas card.

The yearly over-the-top reminder of Jesus' birthday (because EVERYTHING that family does is a massive production) has garnered its own weird cult following over the years.

It's like the McRib of E!-based pop culture.

But which card was the best? Which Krismas Kard stood above all the other Krismas Kards in the bunch?

After crunching the numbers and asking well over four people (but fewer than six people... I asked five people), I can definitively say we have an answer.


For starters, the Kardashians didn't cast just any santa for this pic. They got COOL Santa.

A santa soooo cool, Kris is clearly trying to leave Bruce for him.

Also, half the family are acting shocked while the other half are just doing their own thing.

Khloé, for instance, looks like the camera person asked her to pretend to ponder her existence right before the shot was taken.

When you compare this one to the others taken, it's pretty obvious why it stands on top of the ranking list.

This one is cute but wayyyy too serious.

This one is too bare-bones.

In this one, they're not even trying -- plus Ryan Seacrest is in it.

This one doesn't have Cool Santa, so what's even the point?

Have a merry Krismas, everybody!